Republicans Accuse Democrats Of Launching A War On Thanksgiving

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Published on 18 Nov 2020, 20:00
Move over War on Christmas, Republicans are now accusing Democrats of launching a War on Thanksgiving, because they've apparently always hated giving thanks. That's the logic that braindead Republicans are using during a global pandemic to somehow blame Democrats for the fact that they can't overstuff themselves surrounded by family members that they disagree with on most issues. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins talks about this idiotic new talking point Republicans are pushing.

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Move over war on Christmas. There is a new holiday war being waged, according to Republicans, by Democrats here in the United States of America. And that is the new war on Thanksgiving. That's right. Uh, all of these doctors, uh, the governors out there saying you can't have large gatherings at Thanksgiving, you know, cause we're in the middle of a global pandemic where the United States is seeing it worse than anybody else because we're collectively a group of morons. Um, yeah, that somehow is being construed by these great Republican thinkers into a war on Thanksgiving. Charlie Kirk, uh, the King of the right wing Grifters explained it. Thusly here he is.

The left has always hated. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving can be interpreted as a religious holiday if you believe in giving thanks to a creator, but they hate Thanksgiving because they believe there is nothing you should be thankful for in America. This is an awful place. It is cancerous rotten to the core, tear it all down, burn it from within. Why would you be thankful? Instead, we need a revolution. Remember, as the students for a democratic society, radicals once wrote in the 1960s, they said conflict is the origin of everything. What happens when you're thankful by definition, you're less likely to be involved and engaged in conflict. Thanksgiving is supposed to deescalate any sort of pre-existing issues in our country. And now they're using the virus as an excuse for you. Not to be thankful, we'll be right back.

So before I address any of the idiotic points that Kirk made in the video, I think it's worth pointing out that he looks like he literally crawled out of a dumpster to come and give that rant. I mean, first and foremost, the camera shot looks like he's doing some kind of press conference. And then at the end he's like, we'll be right back. I thought it was a press conference with the way that that setup looked. Uh, look, I know things aren't perfect here because we're, we're living in the land of make do with the moment, but do brush your hair at least, or get rid of your hair. Trust me, makes it so much easier. But you look like somebody who, if you were ranting, what you're ranting in the video on the street, uh, people would cross the street to get away with you because they would think there's something wrong with you.

I'm just, just throwing that out there from one professional to another looks do matter at least to a small degree, uh, cause you don't want to look as crazy as your talking points are. See that's, that's what you got to avoid. Uh, the other point is that literally everything you've said is false Thanksgiving can be kind of like a religion. If you're thankful for God, dude, the mental gymnastics you're trying to do with that. Trying to say that Thanksgiving literally has anything to do with God Thanksgiving. Isn't even about giving. Thanks anymore. Here in the United States, that pretense was dropped decades ago. Thanksgiving is about stuffing. Our fat faces sitting around with people that we disagree with on 99% of the issues, right? I mean let's face it. COVID kind of did us a favor this year. Not letting us have Thanksgiving after this tumultuous election. And the last four years, this nation is deeply, deeply divided right now. I think a lot of people don't want to be around their family members because of the opposing political beliefs.