UK: Several arrested at anti-lockdown rally in Liverpool

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Published on 22 Nov 2020, 15:45
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Several people were arrested in Liverpool on Saturday, as protesters rallied to protest the lockdown measures put in place to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

Police could be seen making struggling to subdue protesters, while others chanted "shame on you" at the officers.

Hundreds of demonstrators without facemasks and not observing social distancing rules marched through the city in the latest round of anti-lockdown protests.

Following an increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the UK entered a four-week national lockdown on November 5. Restrictions are due to be reviewed on December 2.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the four-week lockdown would have a 'real impact' on containing the virus. He stressed that a coordinated approach by the devolved nations of the UK would allow the country to have "as normal a Christmas as possible."

Several rallies against the restrictions have erupted throughout the country.

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