Spain: Thousands take to Madrid streets against new education law

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Published on 22 Nov 2020, 18:04
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Thousands of Madrid residents packed the city's Paseo de la Castellana with their vehicles on Sunday to protest against the LOMLOE ( Organic Law to Modify the Organic Law on Education), the education law also known as the 'Celaa Law.'

Footage shows vehicles with balloons and orange flags reading '#StopLeyCelaa,' as well as politicians who came to show the support of their parties, such as the mayor of Madrid Josa Luis Martinez-Almeida of the PP party, or the deputy of the far-right party Vox Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros and the leader of the party in Madrid Rocio Monasterio.

The rally, called by the Mas Plurales platform under the slogan 'For the right to choose the education we want' defends the public funding of semi-private schools that the law limits. They also accuse it of trying to close the special education centres, leaving the students with disabilities unprotected. In this sense, the law of the Minister of Education Isabel Celaa establishes that "ordinary schools must have the necessary resources to be able to attend to disabled students in the best possible conditions," without referring to the closure of schools.

Another controversial measure has been the elimination of Spanish as a vehicular language in the classes, a measure which was established in the previous law of 2013.

The law was approved by Congress on 19 November with 177 votes in favour and 148 against, and the session ended with the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos deputies shouting 'Freedom.'

SOT, Begona Ladron. president of COFAPA (Spanish): "We defend the complementarity of the public and private networks, we do not admit that the LOMLOE allows the educational authorities to impose the distribution of the student body."

W/S MP for the extreme right-wing party Vox Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros and the party leader in Madrid Rocío Monasterio *CUTAWAY*

SOT, Pedro Caballero. president of CONCAPA (Spanish): "We denounce that, through the political control of education, we are witnessing an aggression against freedom of conscience, in favour of the imposition of a secularist ideology unworthy of a non-confessional state."

W/S People chanting (Spanish): "Freedom" on a stage in front of the Madrid City Hall *CUTAWAY*

SOT, Antonio Amate, general secretary of the USO Teaching Federation (Spanish): "We are free people, we will not be silenced and we will continue to fight day after day, so that no one steps on our rights or our civil liberties. No to the Celaa law, stop to the Celaa law and long live freedom."

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