The Right-Wing’s Rejection of Reality | Episode 267 (November 20, 2020)

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Published on 22 Nov 2020, 19:59
In this episode, we’ll continue our discussion about the prevalence of reality denialism by right-wingers as they lurch further and further to the right—and the election isn’t the only aspect of reality they’re rejecting. Republicans are carving out their own reality and attempting to force us all to live in it. We’ll discuss that—and more—in this episode.

Trump Was Talked Out of Bombing Iran:
Trump Withdraws Some Troops from Afghanistan and Iraq:
Why Thanksgiving May Be a COVID Super Spreader:
Fox News Doctor Encourages Large Holiday Gatherings:
One Third of Biden’s Transition Team in Pocket of Military Industrial Complex:
Biden’s Climate Appointment from Fossil Fuel Industry:
Charles Koch is Sorry:
Jayapal Calls on Graham to Resign:
Pelosi Becomes Speaker:

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0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview
2:29 Trump Almost Admits Biden Beat Him
11:10 Ben Shapiro & Candace Owens Get Triggered
20:48 Nurse Discusses Caring for Dying MAGA Patients
36:18 QAnon Congresswomen-Elect Makes a Splash
42:49 Republicans Mistake Cori Bush for Breonna Taylor
47:00 Trump Wants Chaos
54:41 Why Lindsey Graham Should Resign
1:02:36 Charles Koch’s Mea Culpa
1:12:26 Fox News Fear Mongers Over Student Debt Cancellation
1:22:04 The View’s Sane Takeaways from 2020 the Election
1:32:08 Joe Biden Already a Massive Disappointment
1:39:39 Democrats Never Learn
1:52:08 The “War” on Thanksgiving
2:03:54 Outro

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