Trump says Biden transition can begin but refuses to concede election

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Published on 24 Nov 2020, 17:00
Donald Trump has accepted a formal transition to a Biden administration can begin whilst still pursuing legal challenges to election results in several key states.

The President said the General Services Administration, which oversees the official transition from one President to another, can “do what needs to be done” to begin the process. The Federal agency says it acknowledges Joe Biden as the apparent winner of the election.

The news means President-elect Joe Biden now has access to top secret briefings, office space and bureaucrats to prepare him and his team for the job. Joe Biden has already revealed his picks for top foreign and national security policy positions, including Antony Blinken as Secretary of State and John Kerry as a climate envoy.

Donald Trump on the other hand has still refused to concede the election, and urged his supporters to keep up the fight. The President has made claims about alleged voter fraud in several states, without substantial evidence, and is mounting legal challenges to some election results. On Monday Michigan certified their electoral votes for Joe Biden, in a blow to President Trump. As things stand Biden has won 306 electoral votes, to Trump’s 232. However these will not be made official until next month and Mr Trump will continue to use the courts to attempt to flip states in his favour. However experts have said it is highly unlikely that this will happen, with Joe Biden’s leads in swing states being too significant to be flipped in recounts or other measures in the courts.

Most senior Republicans have supported the President in his calls for court challenges to election results, however some have urged Trump to concede the election, including Mitt Romney, the Republican Senator and failed Presidential candidate.

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