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Published on 27 Nov 2020, 0:32
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Beijing is 'ready to work' with the US to improve relations, according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson who made the comment in the Chinese capital on Thursday, one day after Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his congratulations to Joe Biden on becoming US President-elect.

"Maintaining sound and stable development of bilateral relations serves the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American people, and also represents the shared aspiration of visionary people in the United States and the international community," spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated, in response to a question about Xi's message.

Zhao also discussed Washington's announcement on Wednesday that it would be imposing sanctions on Chinese companies accused of supporting the Iranian missile programme, saying that Beijing urged "the United States to correct its erroneous practices and lift these illegal sanctions immediately."

"China will remain committed to safeguarding the international non-proliferation system and strictly fulfilling its international non-proliferation obligations. At the same time, it will firmly protect its legitimate rights and interests," he added.

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