~318~ Biden's Cabinet: War Hawks, Corporate Lapdogs & Swamp Creatures

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Published on 28 Nov 2020, 0:00
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The US electoral system won't allow the real power structure that holds up the US Empire to be voted out. Lee Camp reports on the corrupt establishment officials who Joe Biden is recommending for cabinet positions in his administration. The names we're seeing put forward have histories that shouldn't give progressive voters any relief after four years of Trump's corrupt administration.

Also in this show:
In "Taking the News from Behind" Camp exposes the CIA's secretive multibillion dollar cloud computing contracts with some of the largest names in Big Tech.
There are hundred of left-wing policies and statutes that're already in US legal codes. In a new series The American Prospect has been pointing them out. These codes could be used to push action on the environment, healthcare, human rights, and all of the things that progressive voters have been hoping for without letting Congress get in the way. Anders Lee covers how Joe Biden probably won't be using them as president.
Natalie McGill and Camp finish off the show with stories on the census, the pandemic from the perspective of incarcerated people, and more.

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