Hospital Under Lockdown in China: No One Can Enter or Leave the Hospital | CCP Virus | COVID-19

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Published on 25 May 2020, 0:40
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Shenyang is the capital city of Liaoning province, on the border with North Korea. On the morning of May 13, a popular CCP Army hospital in Shenyang was discovered to be locked down.

Man: The 463 hospital of PLA, Shenyang, is locked down. People can’t come out or get in. The doctors can’t come out either. This is serious.

Woman: The problem with my feet is also serious.

Man: Can you see if the car gets to come out?

Woman: No. Will it come out?

Man: Can the car get out of the parking lot?

Woman: No, it can’t.

Man: The gate isn’t rising. They can’t come out.

Woman 2: It’s closed at 10.

Man: 10 o’clock in the morning.

A netizen, whose username is JOY, commented, “The 463 hospital of PLA is closed because a nurse’s boyfriend was confirmed to have contracted the CCP virus.”

A netizen commented, “The situation is far worse than what it appears to be,” “It has been controlled by armed police. A virus carrier was just found in the hospital recently. Hundreds of people have had direct contact with the carrier. The police have been catching people all over the place.”

A CCP virus outbreak is emerging in the northeastern region of China after the regime claimed the outbreak was controlled and Wuhan, the epicenter, lifted the lockdown policy. Heilongjiang became the new epicenter when a cluster of infection cases were identified.

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