Trump Accuses the CCP of Exploiting International Organizations for Profit

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Published on 24 May 2020, 22:00
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The U.S.-China trade war seems to be on the verge of reigniting as a result of the pandemic. On the evening of May 16, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet accusing the CCP of exploiting international organizations like the WHO for profit.

The CCP virus that swept through the world destroyed Trump's economic miracle overnight. President Trump wrote on Twitter: “Why is it that China, for decades, and with a population much bigger than ours, is paying a tiny fraction of $’s to The World Health Organization, The United Nations and, worst of all, The World Trade Organization, where they are considered a so-called ‘developing country’ and are therefore given massive advantages over The United States, and everyone else? Prior to the Plague floating in from China, our Economy was blowing everybody away, the best of any country, EVER. We will be there again, and soon!”

In addition to the WHO, Trump also mentioned the preferential treatment the WTO gave the CCP, drawing public attention to what the Trump administration might do to China next. Previously, the Trump administration accused the WHO of failing to do its job by releasing false information provided by the CCP and therefore causing a global pandemic. Trump announced last month that the U.S. would suspend funding to the World Health Organization. Responding to reports that the U.S. plans to restore partial funding to WHO, Trump said that reducing 90% of funding previously given to the WHO is just one of the numerous options being considered, and no final decision has yet been made. The United States is the largest funder of the World Health Organization, and contributes between $400 million and $500 million per year to it.

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