'I worry how at-home learning will impact my children'

Published on 14 Jan 2021, 10:06
For most pupils, going back to school this week has meant opening up laptops and jotters on the kitchen table as online lessons resume.

Remote learning has resumed for most pupils until at least the end of January due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Just like last March’s lockdown, homeschooling once again presents challenges for both children and parents.

Frances Lang from East Lothian has four children: Imogen, 12, Lachlan, 10, Gabriel, seven and Adriana, four.

Frances works part time and says it has been a struggle trying to juggle work commitments with homeschooling.

“We set an early alarm but we all slept in. We had breakfast at 11.45 without an ounce of work even being done. The kids were out of sync with learning,” she says.

“At one point my four year old was holding on to my legs screaming, my two sons were arguing with each other and my eldest daughter was quite tearful as she was so stressed about the amount of work she had to do.”