Bus careens off road, dangles from Bronx overpass injuring 8

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Published on 15 Jan 2021, 12:30
A bus in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx careened off a road and was left dangling from an overpass seriously injuring the driver, police said.

The vehicle, an articulated bus, crashed just after 11 p.m. Thursday at the interchange between the Cross Bronx and Major Deegan expressways.

The driver of the BX35 bus tried to make a left off University Avenue and onto a ramp towards the Washington Bridge when the bus veered off the elevated road and landed face-down onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, said officials on the scene.

The rear portion of the bus remained on the Cross Bronx. No cars were passing beneath the overpass at the time of the crash.

"The bus fell approximately 50 feet onto the access road. The patients suffered injuries consistent with a fall from such a great height," Deputy Fire Chief Paul Hopper said in a social media post.

Firefighters secured the fuel and other hazardous materials before attempting to pull the bus fully onto the road, Acting Battalion Chief Steven Moore said in the post.

In one such attempt, a chord on the crane truck snapped at about 4:30 a.m.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

"The MTA’s goal is to have the safest transportation system in the nation, and when an incident like this occurs we take it very seriously," said MTA Chief Safety and Security Officer Patrick Warren. "We are conducting a full investigation and will implement lessons learned in order to prevent it from happening again. We are certain this was a terrifying incident for those customers on the bus. Our hearts go out to them with hope that they can recover quickly."