‘The public have become more lax’ since the lockdown was introduced, Hospital worker tells LBC | LBC

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Published on 19 Jan 2021, 12:00
This emergency worker told LBC ‘the public have become more lax’ since the lockdown, and pleaded with listeners to stay home

Nacrin phoned in from Wandsworth to tell Natasha Devon that the wards in her hospitals "have actually become more lax," since March 2020 when lockdown was first imposed.

She suggested that the UK should tighten rules around hospital visits, as unclear guidance has led to visitors coming to her ward to see their partners and newborns.

"I have received a lot of abuse from patients," she revealed, acknowledging that if she was in their shoes she would be frustrated if they couldn't be with their partner during the birth of their child.

The caller told Natasha even receptionists in her hospital aren't sure what is and isn't safe for partner visits. After Natasha wondered if further Government information was needed, Necrin feared "it is too little too late."

The caller wondered if people are taking the current lockdown seriously "why have I not seen a huge change in the amount of people in hospital?"

"Would there be any other powers you could be given to handle this better," Natasha asked. The caller couldn't see where she could do better by her patients, but issued a plea to listeners: "Do not leave your house unless it is super duper essential."

She added that "people were more compliant" in the beginning of the pandemic but because "it's lasted way too long," the cracks are starting to show.

"We need to hone in on the fact that you as an individual are making huge changes – the butterfly effect."

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