Bodycam Footage of NYPD Cops Shooting Knife-Wielding Suspect

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Published on 22 Jan 2021, 17:16
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New York City, New York — The NYPD released body-worn camera footage from an officer-involved shooting that occurred on February 8, 2019, in the confines of the 7th Precinct. During this incident, Police Officer Nelson Cordova and Police Officer Jagdeep Singh, assigned to patrol in the 7th Precinct and attired in uniform, discharged a combined total of seven shots from their service firearms in the course of a confrontation with an armed subject, later identified as Joshua Rembert-Williams, a 32-year-old male. Mr. Rembert-Williams was armed with a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade during the incident. The knife was recovered at the scene of the incident during the investigation. On Friday, February 8, 2019, at approximately 6:56 AM, a 9-1-1 call was received reporting that Mr. Rembert-Williams, the caller's husband, had violated an order of protection. The caller also explained that he was trapped in the bathroom because Mr. Rembert-Williams, who was in possession of a knife, was attempting to assault him and threatening to kill him. Police Officer Cordova and Police Officer Singh responded to the call for assistance, arriving approximately ten minutes later. Upon entering the apartment, the officers spoke with the complainant, who informed them that Mr. Rembert-Williams was no longer at the location.

Police Officer Cordova began checking the apartment to confirm Mr. Rembert-Williams was no longer present. While doing so, Police Officer Cordova encountered Mr. Rembert-Williams hiding in a closet. After frisking Mr. Rembert-Williams for a weapon, he was asked to accompany the officers into the hallway to discuss what happened prior to their arrival. While walking through the kitchen area toward the apartment door, Mr. Rembert-Williams opened a kitchen drawer, removed a kitchen knife and ran toward the complainant with the knife raised, saying, "I'm going to kill this bitch." Police Officer Cordova fired four shots and Police Officer Singh fired three shots from their service firearms, striking Mr. Rembert-Williams in the torso, leg, and shoulder, resulting in his demise. The complainant was removed to a local hospital, where he was treated for a slash wound to his left shoulder, a puncture wound to his right temple, and a stab wound to his right shoulder. Police Officer Cordova and Police Officer Singh were equipped with body-worn cameras that were activated during this incident. In April 2020, this case was presented to the First Deputy Commissioner's Use of Force Board. The Board determined that the use of force in this case was justified and within department guidelines.

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0:00​ - 911 Call
4:27​ - Bodycam: Officer Cordova
5:37​ - Bodycam: Officer Singh