'We're seeing PTSD in our staff': Doctors reflect on one year of Covid-19

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Published on 30 Jan 2021, 11:00
January 30 marks a year since the World Health Organization designated the spread of the new coronavirus as a global health emergency - the highest warning level under international law. Some five weeks later, the head of the UN agency called the outbreak a pandemic.

The last 12 months have taken a considerable toll on those on the frontlines in the UK and across the globe. Many have faced similar challenges: adapting existing pandemic plans to a virus that spreads asymptomatically; shortages of personal protective equipment; staff sickness; and unprecedented disruption for the wider health system.

But in much of the world, where resources are already stretched thin, the hurdles have at times felt insurmountable. In the video above, doctors from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Argentina reflect on the year gone by.

Watch the video to see their accounts of treating coronavirus for a year.

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