Twitter Banned Trump: Is Tech The Good Guy?

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Published on 30 Jan 2021, 14:00
Trump has been removed from the nation’s capital and the nation’s social media feeds. And while it was fun to watch him and other far-right accounts “getting owned” by Twitter, Facebook, Google and other platforms, it does pose an important question: Do a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires have way too much power to control speech? And why did it take an insurrection at the Capitol building for them to finally enforce their own policies? Because their profit model has time and again come before protecting democracy. In fact, they’ve made a killing off of undermining it around the world! It’s high time to stop these tech companies from getting any more powerful by breaking them up, regulating them or even consider nationalizing them. Wouldn’t democratic ownership be the ultimate “own”? Newsbroke’s Matt Lieb wades into the debate over these modern-day robber barons and their antitrust skirting ways.

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