How (Not) To Stop Right-Wing Extremists

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Published on 6 Feb 2021, 14:00
Trump unleashed his mob onto Congress on January 6, and the fallout continues. The biggest question on many minds is how to root out the hundreds of far-right, anti-government groups who saw the Trump presidency as their coming-out party. Some are floating the idea of using the so-called “war on terror” to stop white extremism. As deserving as that sounds, there’s one small question: Did the “war on terror” even work? After all, the United States is still fighting a war in Afghanistan after 20 years and millions have been killed, displaced and unjustly surveilled — mostly Muslims, immigrants and peace activists. Newsbroke’s @Francesca Fiorentini looks at the grave mistakes made by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security in stopping radicalization, and how the last 20 years of war and militarism has actually helped fan the flames of racist violence. What will actually help to stop white radicalization, not just within society, but within police departments and the military itself?

*Correction: We have some mean fact checkers in the comments. At 12 min the date is wrong, says “Oct 5, 2021” it should be “Oct 5, 2020”


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