FCC: Dems' Effort to Censor Speech 'Chilling'; Graham Reveals Trump Meeting; Texans Still Suffering

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Published on 23 Feb 2021, 18:02
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00:00 NTD News Today—2/23/2020
01:18 White House Honors 500K Victims of CCP Virus
02:02 Texans Still Suffering After Power Outages
03:20 Family Sues ERCOT, Entergy for Son’s Death
04:16 Texas Praise HEB’s Generosity Amid Crisis
04:59 Analyst: Prosecutor Can Search for Crimes
06:37 Sen. Graham Talks About Trump Meeting
07:22 FCC: Dems’ Effort to Censor Speech ‘Chilling’
09:35 Coca Cola’s ‘Be Less White’ Training: Photos
11:15 FMR Sen. Perdue Withdraws From 2022 Race
11:54 Amazon Pulls Book Criticizing Transgenderism
13:18 Biden Wants Easier Citizenship Test
14:01 Signs of ‘Metal Fatigue’ on Boeing 777 Engine
15:45 Family of Hostages in Iran Asks WH for Help
16:29 El Chapo’s Wife Arrested Near Washington
18:09 Boat Carrying Cuban Migrants Capsizes at Sea
20:22 School Board Resigns After Leaked Comments
23:08 Seattle Law Bans Political Discrimination
25:18 NYC Movie Theaters Can Reopen March 5th
25:56 Arrested After Firing Gun, Stops Robbery
28:33 Scripps National Spelling Bee to Return
29:05 First Sounds Recorded on Mars, Rover Landing
32:13 Beijing Pressing Biden to Drop Trump Policies
34:57 Canada Parliament Recognizes Uyghur Genocide
35:32 China Reveals India Border Clash Casualties
39:21 Biden Eases Access to Small Business Relief
41:13 $3.2 Program to Subsidize Internet Access
42:00 Restaurant Closures Lead to Auctioneer Boom
44:04 Kroger Says Some Customer Data Likely Stolen
46:14 Italians Trade Urban Life for the Countryside
48:10 Volunteer Cares for Orphaned Kangaroo Joeys
49:48 Autumn the Giraffe Welcomes New Calf

Texans are now trying to put their lives back together. But for one family it’ll never be the same. They lost their son to the freezing cold weather.

The U.S. Supreme Court allows the Manhattan District Attorney to access former President Donald Trump's tax records. Trump calls the investigation a fishing expedition.

And Coca-Cola is allegedly training its employees to be “less white,” based on whistleblower photos. The company says it has diversity and inclusion training but says the photos are not part of its training program.

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Dems Pressure Cable Providers to Stop Hosting Right-Wing Media; US Loses 500K Lives to Virus