Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportations Moratorium; Trump Appeals Facebook, IG; Tiger Woods Update | NTD

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Published on 24 Feb 2021, 18:10
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00:00 NTD News Today—2/24/2020
01:18 Tiger Woods Conscious After Serious Car Crash
02:36 Biden, Trudeau Hold Virtual Bilateral Meeting
03:32 Biden Gun Plan Would Criminalize 105M: USCCA
05:04 Judge Blocks Biden Moratorium On Deportations
05:54 Coalition to Fight H.R.1 Seeking to Protect Elections
07:45 Trump Seeks to Rejoin Facebook, Instagram
09:08 Solarwinds Hack ‘Significant’: Senate Panel
11:20 ‘Intel Breakdown’ Added to Capitol Chaos
12:26 Dispute On National Guard Delay
13:48 Two Biden Nominees Face Opposition
16:11 Fmr Clinton Advisor: US Becoming Police State
17:41 Heads of Texas Power Grid Resign After Storm
19:12 Energy Expert On The Texas Blackouts
22:10 FAA Orders Inspections of Boeing 777 Engines
25:12 Staffer Resigns Over ‘Anti-Racist’ Programs
28:00 W.VA. House Bill Bans Race-Based Programs
28:38 New York’s MSG Reopens for Eager Fans
30:21 Video: Dump Truck Slams Into Retaining Wall
30:48 Calif. Youth Sports to Resume as Cases Slow
34:29 Chinese Spies Use NSA-Developed Code: Report
35:32 Fashion Industry Supply Chain in Turmoil
37:04 CCP Linked Firms May Buy More British Schools
41:47 GameStop CFO Resigns After Trading Frenzy
42:32 New Covid Bill Contains Kickbacks, Waste: Fee
44:11 Calif. $600 Stimulus Amid Recall Effort
45:27 Sen. Manchin Backs $11 Federal Minimum Wage
46:59 New Postal Service Delivery Vehicle Revealed
47:29 Emergency Use Approved: Johnson & Johnson Vax
48:17 A Quick Covid Test That Plugs Into Your Phone
51:46 Wild Unshorn Sheep Drops Giant Fleece
52:44 Baby Koala Emerges From Mother’s Pouch
53:26 Tom and Jerry Return to Big Screen

Golf legend Tiger Woods is awake and recovering at the hospital after a serious car crash. He was filming a golf TV show with celebrities just a day before the accident.

A gun-rights group responds to President Joe Biden’s gun control plan. It says he should protect law-abiding gun owners instead of punishing them.

A new conservative coalition forms to safeguard election integrity. They oppose Democrat efforts to sweep away protections.

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Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportations Moratorium; Trump Appeals Facebook, IG; Tiger Woods Update | NTD