Spain: Far right group disrupts healthcare privatisation protest march in Madrid

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Published on 27 Feb 2021, 19:18
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Around 200 people protesting the privatisation of the public healthcare system ran into an extreme right-wing group of 20 people while marching through Madrid's city centre on Saturday.

Several different political associations, workers unions, and frontline workers were present during the march, intended to decry the precarious conditions of the healthcare system amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the beginning of the march, an estimated twenty members of the far right group, Frontal Bastion, including 18-year-old Isabel Medina Peralta, who recently gained notoriety due to her anti-Semitic statements at a recent rally of the far-right Blue Division, joined the march. The protesters reacted by shouting, "Fascists, get out of our neighbourhoods!"

National police were present to break up the confrontation between the groups and ended up arresting of local General Confederation of Labour (CGT) representative, Santiago de la Iglesia.

The march concluded with no further incidents.
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