S. Korean leaders agree on US$ 17.7 billion relief fund plan

Published on 28 Feb 2021, 9:45
당정 "재난지원금 대상, 대폭 확대…액수도 상향"

South Korea's political leaders today... agreed on a budget proposal worth 20 trillion won, or about 17-point-7 billion U.S. dollars,... to fund the country's fourth round of COVID-19 relief payments.
This was decided in a high-level meeting this afternoon between the government, the ruling Democratic Party and the presidential office.
With the fourth round, they aim to minimize blind spots.
The payments will be going out to a wider group of people this time including street vendors, freelancers, and businesses in the arts and culture sector in total around 2 million people.
The size of the individual payments, though, has not yet been announced.
A bill for the extra budget will be submitted to the National Assembly this coming Thursday.
The payments could be disbursed as soon as the end of March.

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2021-02-28, 18:00 (KST)