S. Korean military helicopter transports vaccines to Ulleung-do Island

Published on 28 Feb 2021, 9:44
울릉도에 헬기 활용 코로나 백신 첫 항공수송

The South Korean military dispatched a helicopter today to transport AstraZeneca vaccines to one of the country's hardest to reach communities... on the island of Ulleung-do in the East Sea.
This was the first time the military has handled vaccine transport from start to finish.
Kim Ji-yeon reports.
The operation undertaken by the South Korean military on Sunday has been dubbed "Landing Operation Ulleung-do."
This refers to the remote eastern island of Ulleung-do,... which has a population of less than 10-thousand... and to whom the military used its assets to transport COVID-19 vaccines.
Early Sunday, a batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine was taken from the government's vaccine storage warehouse in Icheon... and loaded onto a CH-47D military transportation helicopter,... which took off from a Special Forces helicopter site.
It landed safely at a Naval base on Ulleung-do... and was then taken to the island's public health center.
It arrived there only 95 minutes after the helicopter took off.
"Today's vaccines were initially planned for transport by ship, but the Air Force stepped in due to the high waves and bad weather. The military will do its utmost to carry out the operation so that citizens living in remote areas, including Ulleung-do, can beat the coronavirus and return to their normal lives.
The military will closely monitor the vaccines on Ulleung-do for security as well.
"The room containing the vaccine refrigerator is under 24-hour protection by the Navy. Opening or closing it requires multiple agents, and the military makes a record of it. There is CCTV to track anyone entering the room for security purposes."
Ulleung-do's first doses of the vaccines for 200 people are slated to given starting Tuesday... for medical staff working in nursing home facilities for seniors.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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