Yuyuan Garden illuminated as Lantern Festival kicks off in Shanghai despite pandemic

Published on 28 Feb 2021, 11:08
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On the 15th day of the new lunar year, a traditional Chinese Lantern Festival welcomed visitors in Shanghai on Friday.

Despite the rain, residents and tourists joined long queues to access the Yuyuan Garden, where the event took place.

Temperature checks and health codes were mandatory. Tickets sales were also limited to reduce the risk of COVID spreading.

Lanterns of all kinds and dimensions decorated the streets. A giant statue of Ox featured to welcome in the Chinese New Year.


SOT, Ms Wang, Visitor (Mandarin): "I knew it from online promotion, since everyone in the Hanfu group wants to come out and play together, especially at the Lantern Festival, which is a traditional Chinese folk festival."

SOT, Ms Zhang, Visitor (Mandarin): "In fact, the lanterns here are pretty nice, especially those over the Jiuqu Bridge. Although there are too many people, the lanterns there are really good."

SOT, Ms Wang, Visitor (Mandarin): "What impressed me most is the animation."

SOT, Mr Xu, Visitor (Mandarin): "I'm not finished with all lanterns yet, so far the most impressive thing is the lantern behind, which is quite big."

SOT, Ms Wang, Visitor (Mandarin): "I think in previous years there should be more lively, this year, because of the pandemic, there may be a little bit diminished, and the weather today is not good neither."

SOT, Mr Xu Visitor (Mandarin): "If my family could see this, although not at home, I hope to say happy Lantern Festival to my family and friends."

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