1% pay rise suggestion for NHS staff 'pitiful' and 'bitterly disappointing' | ITV News

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Published on 4 Mar 2021, 22:39
After the year they have had, NHS staff in England were hoping - expecting even - that going the extra mile to save the lives of thousands of corona virus patients would be recognised in their pay.

But a clap on the doorstep became what unions called a slap in the face. The government has recommended a rise of 1%.

Ministers say they can't afford any more because of what the virus has done to the economy and point out other public sector workers aren't getting a rise at all.

Labour accused the Chancellor of being too cowardly to mention the figure in his budget speech yesterday.

The head of the nurses' union insisted taxpayers support a fair pay rise for NHS workers. This year, of all years, she said.

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