Oklahoma Police Shoot Inmate Who Took Detention Officer Hostage

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Published on 5 Apr 2021, 17:07
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The Oklahoma City Police Department released a video showing inmates drag, beat and stab a jailer before police shot and killed one who was holding a homemade knife to the jailer’s neck at Oklahoma County Detention Center on Saturday, March 27. According to officials, Oklahoma City police were called in after 34-year-old Curtis Montrell Williams, an Oklahoma County jail inmate, took a detention officer's keys, tied him up and took him hostage. Police said Williams then let out other inmates from their cells and then an inmate got ahold of the knife and stabbed the detention officer multiple times. Shortly after that, Williams got the knife again and held it to the officer’s throat as police arrived on scene. As police officers moved towards the bottom of staircase, two officer opened fire and fatally shot Williams. The detention officer was rescued and was treated for his injuries at a local hospital. Williams’ family is suing the police department, saying he acted in this way to bring attention to the conditions of the jail.

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0:00​ - Start of Incident - Guard Taken Hostage
0:39 - Detention Officer Held at Knifepoint by Suspect
1:49 - Detention Officer Stabbed Multiple Times by Male Inmate
2:09 - 1: Suspect Assaults Other Inmate
2:17 - 2: Suspect Assaults Other Inmate
2:32 - 1: Detention Center Video of Shooting
3:07 - 2: Detention Center Video of Shooting
3:36 - 1: Bodycam Footage of Shooting
4:20 - 2: Bodycam Footage of Shooting
5:10 - Officers & Deputies Recover Suspect