Matt Gaetz Begs For Money To Help Fight Off Scandals

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Published on 22 Apr 2021, 17:00
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Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was brutally mocked on social media this week after he begged supporters to send him campaign donations. Gaetz is burning through cash right now trying to stay ahead of the scandal, and he's being forced to advertise in his home district in order to keep his base on his side. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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How desperate is Matt Gaetz as this scandal into his, uh, activities continues well, he's resorted to begging for money from people on Twitter yesterday. Matt Gaetz unveiled a new ad that he is wanting to run, uh, as he says a bunch. And, uh, he also asked people, Hey, could you, could you give me some money? So I can actually run this ad against CNN? Um, because apparently CNN is the root of all. Matt Gaetz has problems. And so he wants to run this ad here in his deep red district so that his constituents get mad at CNN instead of him. Here's what Gaetz put on Twitter. Our new ad is launching. Please to help us run it a bunch, run it a bunch. Do you have a, have a 12 year old write that tweet for you, buddy? Uh, here's the thing financial disclosure forms for the first quarter of this year just came out.

Matt Gaetz dropped over a hundred thousand dollars on advertising. The day after the New York times broke the story about the investigation into potential trafficking, uh, potentially, uh, having relations with minors and all of that. It was, it was New York times, not CNN yet. His ad is specifically only calling out CNN saying somehow, see it in the corporate media of CNN is out to get him when they're not even the ones who've broken the story, hell, they're not even the ones who've broken. Most of the other stories, a lot of that credit goes to people like Matt fuller over at the daily beast who have gotten their hands on the Venmo receipts. Uh, they've been talking to people. They actually went and talked to Matt Gaetz, former classmates, like they're doing the work, not CNN. So what the heck are you even doing? Matt? Are you even really trying is what I want to know at this point.

Are you really trying to downplay this scanned? Or are you just saying screw it, that spaghetti, throw it all at the wall. See what sticks. See it in you socks. Okay. A hundred thousand dollars on that ad. Th th this is comical at this point. I mean, but Hey, look, here's what it tells us about who Matt Gates really is. He's a guy that's never actually had to handle all of the scandals that he's been embroiled in. No, it's always been somebody there to bail them out, right? There's always been a Donald Trump going out there talking about what a great guy he is. There's always been daddy back here in Florida to get him out of all the trouble that he gets in all the time. So this is the first time he's, he's really on his own. And so he doesn't know what to do.

And he's getting advice by the way, from really, really bad people. Financial disclosures also showed that he's paying thousands of dollars to Roger Stone's group to get consulting services from them, I guess, on how to, how to weather this scandal. But none of it even matters again and less. Matt Gates goes to jail. The people in this area are likely to continue to vote for him in less, of course, and even worse. Republican challenger emerges in the primary and is able to unseat Matt Gates there. The Republicans are not going to lose this seat here in Florida's first district. They're absolutely not going to do it. This area has not voted for a Democrat since 1960. Okay. It's a Republican district. So why the money? Why are you spinning?