People Climbing Over Trump's Wall as Former President's Scams Continue 4/23/21

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Published on 24 Apr 2021, 1:00
New Show: Foxconn abandons $10 billion Trump project, people climbing over southern border with $5 ladder, live calls, and much more...

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00:00 ANOTHER Scam: Foxconn Abandons $10 Billion Trump Project
05:36 People Climbing Over Trump's Wall with $5 Ladder
10:06 Is the Left "Winning" on Police Brutality & Systemic Racism?
24:06 Caller Desperate to Change Her Parent's Mind
30:32 Caller Shocked by Right Wing Insanity on Derek Chauvin Verdict
36:23 Caller Dealing with Massive Vaccine "Skepticism"
40:40 Caller: Should Police EVER Use Deadly Force?
45:35 Why Have Mass Shootings Skyrocketed in the United States?
49:43 Is There Any Republican That Would Actually Run Against Trump?
53:05 Is Soda Actually Healthier Than Fruit Juice?

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Broadcast on April 23, 2021

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