Matt Gaetz's Buddy Flips And Accuses Gaetz Of Serious Crime

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Published on 30 Apr 2021, 16:00
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Joel Greenberg, the indicted local Florida politician at the center of the investigation engulfing Matt Gaetz, apparently wrote out a confession letter while trying to obtain a presidential pardon that directly stated that Matt Gaetz was involved with an underage girl with Greenberg - among many other accusations. If Greenberg wrote this in his confession, there's absolutely no way that he hasn't told the same thing to investigators. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Uh, it's been a week or so, but we finally got more news about Matt Gaetz and the ongoing investigation. Um, except of course, this information, not really about the investigation, it's just about evidence. And according to a confession letter written by Joel Greenberg, the indicted South Florida politician, who was buddy buddy with Matt Gaetz and accused of trafficking young girls, according to his confession letter, Matt Gates did in fact engage in sexual activities with an underage girl. He also in his confession letter admitted that Matt Gates did in fact pay him to bring him women. So what is this confession letter for? Well, I'm glad you asked according to an amazing new report from the daily beast, who is by the way, done a phenomenal job, uh, uncovering all this stuff. Joel Greenberg was working with Roger Stone to get a pardon from Donald Trump and Greenberg had this confession letter written that went through multiple different drafts, basically saying all the crimes that he did and of course listing the crimes that, uh, he alleges that Matt Gates did.

And in return, he was going to pay stone $250,000 in Bitcoin, but Greenberg never got the, uh, pardon stone said, you know, we gotta be careful because of all the hullabaloo about pardons right now, but their conversations are now public because they use the encrypted message bridging act, uh, app signal and stone had set their messages to delete after 10 seconds. And if that had actually happened, obviously we wouldn't have any of this information, but luckily Joel Greenberg's screenshot at all of the conversations. So we have all of this evidence that is now widely available to anyone in the public and of course, to investigators as well. And here's the thing. If the daily beast was able to get their hands on these communications on these essentially receipts about both Greenberg and Matt Gates, then you can bet that investigators have them too, that the DOJ has this information.

I do not see a way out at this point for Matt Gates. Uh, his campaign repeatedly is putting out statements like he never had sex with a girl, uh, of the age of 17 while he was an adult. You know, just to make sure that we knew that. Yeah, I mean, when the dude was a teen, he was getting hit left and right. Uh, but once he was an adult, you know, he stopped sleeping with 17 year olds. He did, um, according to the messages, give women money, um, you know, for things like gas money, and maybe hotel nights stay, uh, totally not with him though. Totally not with him to help him out with bills and things like that. Just random young girls from the state of Florida that Matt Gates would occasionally just be like, Hey, here's some money because you, you said you needed money. No, Matt Gates is no philanthropist. He's a philanderer. There's a big difference between those two things. And again, I don't see a way out of this for Gates. We have all of the receipts right now. And according to Matt fuller, the one of the folks that daily beast, uh, writing these articles, they're still more, that was the big tease after this massive story broke last night, Matt fuller goes back on Twitter and says, they're still more to come.