Marco Rubio Threw A Massive Temper Tantrum On Senate Floor Over A Typo

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Published on 30 Apr 2021, 17:00
Marco Rubio watched as a piece of legislation that he was excited about passing went down in flames after he failed to catch a small typo that changed one of the numbers in the bill. The Senate wouldn't let him change it since the legislation had already been brought to the floor, so he was left seething and bitter as the rest of the chamber snickered at him. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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Republican Senator Marco Rubio threw a massive temper tantrum on the floor of the Senate this week because a piece of legislation and amendment actually that he brought to the Senate floor had a typo in it. And that typo actually killed the legislation. And Marco Rubio threw an absolute fit. Now the typo was minuscule. Okay. It was supposed to say 0.02, five, but instead it was 0.0, zero to five, you know, one too many zeros after the decimal point, uh, which actually did significantly change it because it was a bill or an amendment, uh, dealing with funding mechanisms for sewer upgrades, pretty innocuous stuff. Right. But a typo like that significantly changes the math. I mean, it'd be one thing. If you were spouting a statistic, you know, something that wasn't necessary, sterilely revelent, uh, relevant, excuse me. But this was about math Marco. And if you make a mistake anywhere in a math equation, you will likely ruin the entire thing. Especially when you add an extra decimal point, uh, that could result in people getting, you know, a 10th of what they should get for these sewer upgrades. So Rubios was told by democratic Senator, Tom Carper. Nope. You can't change it. You've brought it to the floor. And that's the rule. Like once it's on the floor, dude, you can not change it. It has to go back,

Back through the committee.

All those changes come back out. Be re-introduced. That's how it works. We have these rules. So Rubio said, they said, I just want everybody to be clear. We're not changing the formula. There's an extra zero. It is literally a typo. The kind of typos people make every single day in the Senate, instead of saying 0.02, five, it says 0.002, five. Everyone knows what it was intended to do. That's the way we've talked about it. The sentence now, a place where you can't amend a typo through unanimous consent. That's unbelievable. It's unreal. And frankly, I find it unacceptable. I'd like to think that that was the tone. Marco Rubio used in his little freak out there, but dude rules, rules, man. You made a typo that does in fact change the legislation. You got to go back and fix that. Furthermore, you should probably also double-check the work,

Right? I

Know you're not sitting there being the one typing this up, but your staff is maybe it would behoove you just a little bit to go through and check for things. I don't know, like typos, because that seems rather important in this case, not to mention the fact, come on, we've come off. What? Eight straight years of Republican obstruction refusing to bring democratic pieces of legislation to the floor pieces of legislation that could have helped millions of people in this country, just because Republicans could. So yeah, you know what? You getting screwed over because of a typo. I'm not going to lose any sleep over that. Your party deserves far worse and I hope you continue to have these meltdowns on the Senate floor to show everyone in the country. What a giant idiotic baby, you really are.