Republicans Start To Worry As Trump Obsesses Over Bogus Arizona Recount

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Published on 30 Apr 2021, 20:00
Donald Trump is reportedly obsessed with the ridiculous ballot recount taking place in Arizona, and he is asking aides all throughout the day to give him updates about what is happening. But Republicans outside of Trump's orbit are worried about the ramifications of what's happening in Arizona, thinking that this could easily become the norm for any party that loses an election. But they fostered this behavior and are the ones who enabled it as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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In case you weren't aware right now, there is another recount five months after the election taking place in the state of Arizona, specifically though only Maricopa County in their 2.1 million ballots. The Republicans that control the Senate in the state of Arizona approved this. They hired a guy from a company that's never done this before to do the recount, uh, own one. American news is actually live streaming. A lot of the recount and according to reports, Donald Trump is apparently fixated on this recount, according to those people, closest to him, Donald Trump has wandering around Mar-a-Lago and throughout the day, he'll grab an aide and say, what's the update on the recount what's happening there. And that of course is when he's not actually sitting there trying to watch it happen live and Republican's outside of Donald Trump's circle are starting to get a little concerned just now for some reason, um, because they believe that this recount again, over five months past the election is going to hurt future elections here in the United States, because they say it opens the door for whoever loses the presidential election to just say, screw it.

I want recounts from now until the end of time. And to be honest, that is a legitimate concern that these other Republican officials have. And these are other Republican state officials like the Washington secretary of state, who is a Republican. She came out and, and, and express this thought saying, we can't have this. Like, this is a bureaucratic process. Is a process laid out by the States, black and white. We've gone through all the steps. We've done all the things necessary. We've recounted down there in Arizona. We've done the ballot, uh, audits, the certification, all of it, the electoral college has even already voted. Like there's literally nothing could be done. Even if that recount bore fruit, which had will not.

But all this does is feed into Donald Trump and these angry Republicans who think that the election was somehow stolen, even though it's been proven by these recounts, that it has not. And it empowered for them to do this again in the future. Hell it empowers Democrats to do it. If they lose in the future just to off Republicans and give them payback for them doing it this time, this is how cycles begin. And the longer that these idiotic Republicans in States like Arizona continue to entertain the president's delusions. The more likely it is that this is going to create a pattern. If they had dropped it, if they had let it go, we wouldn't be having this conversation today. Day long as they keep entertaining the delusions of a madman, we're in trouble here in the United States. Not it might overturn the election. That's not a fear at all.

That's not even a thing by the way, that could happen. Let's let's, let's, let's say for a moment that they recount these Arizona ballots and Oh my God, Trump actually won. Cool. So he would then if we hadn't already had the electoral college vote, uh, get those electoral votes.