Deranged Trump Attorney Says He Found Trump Still Living In White House

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Published on 2 May 2021, 20:00
Former Trump attorney Lin Wood posted a series of updates on his social media this past week where he claims that not only was he wandering around the White House looking for "Joey" Biden, but that he also happened to run into Donald Trump who, according to Wood, is still living and working in the White House. Wood is clearly not well, and this kind of behavior should earn him a one-way ticket to a psych ward. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican attorney Lin Wood posted some questionable material on social media this week. Uh, Mr. Wood claimed that he was in the white house, in the oval office actually. And he posted some pictures of the oval office saying that he was waiting for Joey to show up and he asked people, he said, where's Joey, Joey, of course, meaning president Joe Biden. But of course Lynwood's not going to show him that kind of respect. So he's claims in the series of pictures that he's sitting there waiting for Joey. And then eventually he says I was right, no Joey in the oval office, but I did run into our, our president of the United States. President Trump is hanging out and working in the office in which we reelected him to serve in a historic landslide victory on November 3rd, 2020. And then as if to back up his claims, he also posted a picture of him standing in the oval office with Donald Trump behind the, the oval office desk.

The only problem is these pictures were all posted to his social media outlets over a year ago. So all this nutcase did was go back, grab old pictures of him in the white house. Cause he did meet with Trump there because they had no standards. And then he re posted them, feeding into the crazy conspiracy theorists who loved this guy saying I'm here, but Joe, Biden's not here confirming your conspiracies. I'm here. And Donald Trump is here confirming your conspiracies. Linwood needs to be placed under an involuntary 72 hour psychiatric hold make, not even gonna, not even going to sugarcoat that at all. They're there th th this isn't normal behavior. This is not normal behavior of a person with a fully functioning. Uh, you know, uh, I don't even know. I don't even know, like, this is so crazy that it makes me feel crazy, but Lynwood is not well.

And Lynn wood needs a psychiatric evaluation at the very least, the man needs to be disbarred anywhere where they permit him to practice law, because this is crazy. And this is dangerous behavior that he is engaging in. And it is absolutely the, the, the anti reality is what it is. It's a it's high reality. And I don't even know what else to say about this, because this is so nutty, this story, his behavior is absolutely certifiable yet. Here he is with tons of followers. A lot of them who bind to the queue stuff, and he's feeding their delusions, feeding their conspiracies. Lynn wood knows that none of this is true. He knows he wasn't in the white house this week. He knows these are old pictures that he's posting, but he's doing it to rile up the nut jobs, because those are the only people who take him seriously anymore.