Why the Jersey fishing row with France suits Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron and the EU | Analysis

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Published on 6 May 2021, 14:08
Tensions have quickly escalated in a row over post-Brexit fishing rights but the situation could actually be doing Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron a favour.

That is according to James Crisp, The Telegraph’s Europe Editor, who described the stationing of navy vessels near the island as “posturing” and that the conflict amounted to a “phoney war”.

“At first glance, it may look like we're talking about lobsters licences and sea snails, but really, it's no coincidence that we have very important local elections. It suits Boris Johnson to be seen battling for Britain on the high seas.

“The North of France is a stronghold for Marie Le Pen, who is the main rival to Emmanuel Macron in next year's presidential elections.

“It is important that the French president is seen to be backing his fishermen, especially as those fishermen are going to be able to catch fewer fish as a result of the Brexit agreement.”

Watch the video above for his full analysis.

Read Henry Samuel's account on board one of the French vessels: telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/0...

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