Critical Race Theory Becomes New Front in Cultural Battle 5/7/21

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Published on 8 May 2021, 1:00
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New Show: Republicans don't get critical race theory, Trump rioters still getting charged, live calls, and much more...

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00:00 Start
00:16 They HATE Critical Race Theory, But Don't Know What It Is
09:23 National Guard Soldier Charged for Trump Riot Participation
14:48 Why Do You Do What You Do?
16:20 Caller Uncomfortable Taking Mask Off Outdoors
26:41 Caller DEMANDS Producer Pat OnlyFans
30:22 Republicans Pushing DANGEROUS Anti-Protest Bills
40:52 Caller Doesn't Think Bernie Would Have Done Better Than Biden
44:07 Why is Right Wing Grifting So Much More Lucrative?
49:59 Will Fighting Against Vote-by-Mail Backfire for Republicans?
53:34 Will Rudy Giuliani End Up in Prison?

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Broadcast on May 7, 2021

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