The EPA Has Allowed TCE Cancer Causing Chemicals To Poison People Nationwide

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Published on 8 May 2021, 15:00
Via America’s Lawyer: As if our country’s waterways weren’t already contaminated enough by PFAS, another toxin called Trichloroethylene (TCE) has seeped into sources of drinking water nationwide. Attorney Madeline Pendley joins Mike Papantonio to explain how factories are endangering the lives of their workers and surrounding areas with these cancer-causing chemicals, which are prevalent in both industrial and household cleaning agents. Why hasn’t the EPA taken action when they’ve known about the risks for years?

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The EPA has known for years about the dangers of an industrial chemical known as TCE, but without regulations, tens of thousands of businesses today are still exposing their workers to this toxin, which has made it's way from factories into our drinking water. Attorney Madeline Pendley joins me to talk about this. Maddie, tell us what TCEs are.
So TCE is Trichloroethylene, it's a manmade chemical. So we came up with this. And it's actually used mostly in factories for cleaning of medical equipment and metal parts, but it's also found in different cleaning products that we all use and are therefore exposed to in our own homes. Despite being used in so many different ways, it's actually extremely dangerous. It's a class one carcinogen, and it has been for a very long time.
Kidney cancer, liver cancer, birth defects, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It has the capacity to do that.
It's in cleaning, as you point out it's in, it's, they use it to clean electronics. They use it in refrigeration. They use it in dry cleaning. Many, many uses of it and they, the industry, Dow chemical.
And it has known for a very long time, how dangerous this is. There's some countries they don't, there you can't even use it. It's banned totally.
I'm wondering what kinds of health problems besides those are emerging? Where are we seeing the biggest clusters of health problems?
Really all over the country. So geographically, there's, there's a little bit in every state it seems like. They're mostly central, centralized around these factories or these manufacturing facilities. So either the air around those facilities is polluted and it actually seeps down into the water table. So TCE will leach down in and so the communities around these factories are drinking the water and they're being exposed to it as well. So really all over the country, just demographically affecting factory workers.
Well, there's no way to even warn about it. I mean, if you're working around a factory where we're really seeing this as on military bases, right? I mean.
We are seeing it on military bases, as well, yes.
And what, why are we seeing it so much on military bases? We actually see military bases being shut down as super fund sites because the government can't clean up the disaster. Talk about that.
Right. So this stuff gets into the environment, whether it's through on a military base or the factories or wherever, mostly through dumping, spilling or leaks. So you can have leaks in the pipelines that seeps out into the environment, or just negligent, you know, care when they're transporting this stuff. It dumps and contaminates the entire community.
Well, you know, what, is anything being done on the federal level? It seems like the EPA, as usual, has just kicked the can down the, down the road.
And let industry tell them what industry wanted to do. EPA leadership and the white house leadership has been, almost, has been totally non-existent on this.
Wasn't just the Obama administration that knew about this. It goes all the way back to George Bush. I mean, Bush knew what the potential problems are and they just let the, they just let the FDA just slide on this. Just do whatever you want to do.
Right. We've known how dangerous TCE is for a very long time. And as you mentioned, some flags were raised during the Obama administration.

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