~338~ Stop Calling Joe Biden Progressive!

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Published on 14 May 2021, 23:00
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Lee Camp has a moral line and the sociopaths in politics crossed it a long time ago. He compares Joe Biden's rhetoric to his actions past and present. It's easy for people to believe that when the president uses progressive language that he means what he's saying but any investigation of what the president really stands for will unveil an imperialist and a monster. Maybe this world would be a better place if we were all more certain about what we are and aren't willing to condone.

Also in this episode:

Lee Camp also reports on Glenn Greenwald's recent reporting exposing the deception factory that is the US's corporate media, and Hawaii being the first US state to declare a climate emergency.
Naomi Karavani joins Camp to discuss Israel's oppressive violence directed at Palestinians, and censorship from the social media corporations. Videos of Israeli forces and settlers attacking Palestinians were making their way around the internet until Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter started to delete the evidence of Israel's war crimes and suspend the people posting them. As the tragedy in apartheid Israel continues US corporations are also helping to make sure that we can't see their crimes.
Anders Lee contrasts the response to Israel's crimes in Palestine from the corporate media, who have overtly tried to cover up the extent of Israeli violence, and the US public, whose outrage has grown. Lee also reports on a labor victory in New York City over the restaurant Chipotle.

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