Spain: Soldiers return migrants to Morocco as arrivals drop off in Ceuta

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Published on 19 May 2021, 17:15
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The Spanish army could be seen returning migrants back across the border to Morocco as the number of migrants arriving decreased, in Ceuta, on Wednesday.

The number of arrivals has reportedly significantly declined after Morocco stepped up border control.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that out of 8,000 migrants who have entered Ceuta, 4,800 have been sent back. Minors have not been returned, while the speed of the deportations has been criticised as potentially violating the rights of the returnees by human right's groups

A record number of migrants have been making the crossing since Monday following reports that the Moroccan border patrols had been loosened as part of a diplomatic protest against Spain's admittance of Polisario militant group leader Brahim Ghali for COVID-19 medical treatment.

Ghali has been accused of crimes against humanity including murder and torture. The warm weather has also contributed to the rise of migrants attempting to swim across to Europe.

Hundreds of additional Civil Guard officers as well as armed forces and national police ​have been deployed to assist with the processing of the new arrivals.

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