Expropriation Bill Public Hearings, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, 06June 2021

Published on 6 Jun 2021, 13:28
The purpose of the Expropriation Bill is to repeal the existing Expropriation Act of 1975 to provide a common framework in line with the Constitution, to guide the processes and procedures for the expropriation of property by organs of state, and to provide for certain instances where expropriation with nil compensation may be appropriate in the public interest.

In line with Parliament’s strategic objective of enhancing access to the work of Parliament, the legislative process, and improving public participation in general, the committee resolved to visit all provinces to garner public views on the proposed legislation. The intention of the public hearings is to enrich the Bill and to ensure that the Bill is responsive to the views and needs of individuals and groups on the ground.

Similarly, the committee decided to hold public hearings during both weekdays and weekends to afford more participation of individuals and stakeholders as possible.

The committee is mindful that the scheduled public hearings happen during the Adjusted Alert Level 2 lockdown regulations, and has taken due regard to ensuring adherence to Covid-19 guidelines and regulations.