How Reason & Logic Led Me Away from Atheism (Pt. 2) | Sohrab Ahmari | SPIRITUALITY | Rubin Report

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Published on 9 Jun 2021, 15:15
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Sohrab Ahmari, the author of “The Unbroken Thread” about how public health authorities used scientism instead of science to push through their preferred policies, how logic and reason led him from atheism to evidence for God, and how the decline of religion has led to the rise of the secular religion of social justice. In this clip Sohrab talks about the existence of God and how one can use reason to answer the question “does God exist?” He discusses the importance of St. Thomas Aquinas and his 5 proofs of God. He also explains why some of the most brutal leaders and regimes like Joseph Stalin, North Korea, and Mao’s China have been atheistic in nature. Sohrab also describes how he went from being an atheist to finding reasons to believe. He also discusses the importance of observing the sabbath as a day of rest in the modern world and the benefits of a weekly digital detox.

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Understanding spirituality is difficult in today’s fast paced world. Does the world of theology still offer something to a more secular modern world? Are there lessons to learn from a more spiritual path that can help us make sense of issues like morality? Or is spirituality best left to the past according to some modern day atheists and skeptics? What does it even mean to be spiritual in an enlightened world? Hear from a wide variety of guests on the benefits, struggles, and problems with religion with this playlist:

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