Newsmax REJECTED Matt Gaetz's Request For A Job

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Published on 9 Jun 2021, 20:00
Several Newsmax employees have now confirmed that embattled Republican Representative Matt Gaetz called them earlier this year to ask about possibly getting a job with the network, but the network refused to hire him. Even though Gaetz is still appearing on the network, the frequency has dropped significantly since his scandal broke. The fact that people at the network felt compelled to come forward about Gaetz's requests at this time could be an indication that they are trying to further distance themselves from Gaetz, and Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why that may be.

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Employees for Newsmax came out this week and confirmed that, yes, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz had been looking for a job at the network earlier this year. And that yes, the network said, thanks, but no thanks. We do not want to hire you Matt Gaetz. Now here's where this story actually gets interesting. We could understand if Matt Gaetz approached them today with all that's going on in his life and said, hey, can I have a job? And they said, pssh, no, no, no. We, we read the news. We, we may not actually report it, but we read what's really happening. And, uh, no, you can't work here. But these conversations allegedly took place before the scandal broke. Before the scandal broke, when Matt Gaetz was going on Newsmax, and of course Fox news, on a regular basis. So that's what makes this so interesting to me. What made Newsmax decide that Matt Gaetz wasn't a good fit for their channel?

But more importantly, what made Matt Gaetz think that he needed to get the hell out of Congress as soon as possible? He's in a deep red district. If he wasn't facing scandal, which he did of course know that he was under investigation at the time, which I'll get to that in a moment. He's in a deep red district, he could run for office as many times as he wanted and continue to win, barring any kind of scandal. So I think, again, this is my opinion. I believe what happened was earlier this year, Matt Gaetz of course knew that he was under this investigation. He knew that it was going to tarnish his name politically, but he might be able to salvage it enough to get a job with a right wing network. And after all, I feel like that's what Matt Gaetz has wanted this whole time. Matt Gaetz likes hour, but he likes fame even more. And we've seen that in people, you know, that's just how some people are.

Power doesn't intrigue them. Money isn't what they're after. They want everyone to know their name. They want to be popular. They want to be famous. They want people to tune in and absolutely just drool over the thought of getting their opinions on the news of the day. But Gaetz needed to get out of Congress in order to make that happen. So I think he approached Newsmax, Newsmax not knowing what was happening, and perhaps Newsmax felt that was a little weird. Like, why? You've got a long career ahead of you in Congress, possibly with greater ambition. Why are you coming to us wanting a job? Maybe this doesn't feel right, but either way, thanks, but no thanks. We don't want you working at our network. And of course, Newsmax, by the way, still has Matt Gaetz come on their programs. He's been on Newsmax this week. So it's not like they're afraid of him being too toxic for the network. Because again, he's still coming on on a regular basis.

He's not going on Fox news anymore, but he still has his face in front of a camera. He still doing that weird, like, smile thing that he does. So what really happened? Unfortunately, that's an answer that we don't have right now. But I want that answer because something about this story doesn't smell right steel, still. I want to know what actually happened. I want to know the reasoning with Newsmax, the real reasoning.