Trump Used The DOJ To Spy On His Political Enemies

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Published on 11 Jun 2021, 16:00
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A shocking new report has revealed that the Trump administration actively spied on certain Democratic members of Congress, specifically getting their phone records and searching for information about who was leaking information to the press. This is the same thing that Trump accused Democrats of doing to him, but now we know that the exact opposite is true. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what this means.

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Bombshell news broke yesterday with the revelation that the department of justice under Donald Trump had in fact been spying on Democratic members of Congress, specifically Democratic representatives, Adam Schiff, and Eric Swalwell. What we know about this so far is that these two individuals were targeted because the DOJ, Donald Trump essentially, thought that these might be the people leaking information about Donald Trump's contacts with Russia to the press. Now it turns out neither of these men were involved in any of the leaks, at least those investigations did confirm that. But this shows us that Donald Trump was not the victim, but the perpetrator. And here's what I mean. Recall in the very early days of the Trump administration, like literally the earliest days of the Trump administration, what was his big lie?

The big lie was the Obama people spied on me and my campaign. There's no evidence to back this up. But he said, they spied on me and he kept that lie going forever and ever and ever. But while he was telling that lie in early 2017, he then directed the DOJ to go investigate, or spy on essentially, those two Democrats, Schiff and Swalwell. And we all know Schiff was of course, one of the most outspoken Democrats trying to link Trump to Russia, you know, led all those hearings. And so, yeah, Trump had an ax to grind with Schiff. So it's no, it's not surprising at all that Schiff would be the target of this DOJ surveillance, which by the way, what they did, they subpoenaed AT&T. They got the phone metadata from these two individuals, from their family members and from their friends.

So it may have only been just a handful of members of Congress, but they pretty much swept through their entire family tree and social network, spying on these individuals to find out who the leaker was. And it turns out it was none of them. But folks, this is, this is Watergate stuff here. Okay. We are talking about a very massive political scandal carried out with the approval of Donald J Trump. Okay, this isn't just a, oh my God, that's a crazy story. Let's move onto the next. No, this is a big deal. This is a big scandal. And unfortunately it's probably going to be one that does get tossed to the wayside. It's going to be a footnote to all of the other things that we have learned about this administration, because people are too exhausted to even care right now. And I get it, trust me, I get it.

But this is the kind of thing that probably needs to be front and center. This is the kind of thing that needs to be investigated because I can promise you this wasn't because of legitimate security concerns. This was political payback. That's what this was. That's why these two specific individuals were targeted, Schiff and Swalwell. They were both very outspoken during the Trump years, Schiff especially. This wasn't just a coincidence that they were the ones chosen to be surveilled by the department of justice. This was political, this was targeted and this was approved by Donald Trump. This is the exact same thing he accused the Obama administration of doing to him, which turned out to not be true. And now we've found out that the reason he was crying so hard about Obama doing it is because he was secretly doing it behind the scenes.