Matt Gaetz's 3-Way Phone Call Could Spark Obstruction Charges & GOP Governors Cancel COVID Aid Early

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Published on 16 Jun 2021, 15:00
Via America’s Lawyer: Matt Gaetz’s world closes in on him as the DOJ investigates whether the FL congressman actively obstructed a federal probe into sex trafficking allegations. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss more. Also, Republican governors prepare to terminate unemployment benefits for those who suffered job losses during the pandemic. RT correspondent Brigida Santos joins Mike Papantonio to explain how ending UI could cost local economies $12 billion.

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Congressman Matt Gaetz is now being investigated for potentially obstructing justice thanks to information obtained through cooperating witnesses. Joining me to talk about this is Farron Cousins, and I say it every week, some people get so tired of it, you are the best progressive voice in this country. I really mean that.
Thank you, thank you.
So give me, give me your take on this. I don't, you have followed this. You're on a jihad. You really are on a jihad. So let's talk about what the latest development is. Okay.
Well, it's very interesting. Last week, you know, it came out that they're trying to see if Matt Gaetz may have obstructed justice. And this is based on a telephone call that took place between Gaetz's ex-girlfriend and another witness. This was one of the people who had, essentially been one of the girls that Joel Greenberg had been using. So Gaetz's ex-girlfriend was on the phone with this young woman and she says, well, hang on, let me patch in Matt. So they call Matt Gaetz, you got a three-way phone conversation happening here. And now the authorities believe there may have been obstruction of justice on this call and let's, let's not forget about a month ago, you and I were talking about the ex-girlfriend.
Who was telling her family members, she is worried she may have obstructed justice, and now we're, we're getting to the heart of that. It all revolves around that phone call.
This is what she was worried about?
Right. And she's the one who's also now cooperating with the feds. So whatever information she gave is what led to these new.
I want to tell you something. You know, I've had people call me and I've talked to folks that say, no, he's fine. I mean, everything's going to be okay with Matt Gaetz. And I keep saying, really, it's not the way it's looking right now. Right now, let's assume you got a recording of something that sounds like obstruction of justice. First of all, obstruction of justice is not, it's not an easy thing. The words have got to be right. Second of all, department of justice typically does not, they're not going to go after anything that's not low hanging fruit. Now the question is this has been going on for months. Are they worried? Are they worried, you know, is this is, is this the tail wagging the dog?
See, you know, that's one thing I've, I, I've kind of been wondering myself here. Are they going after obstruction because that's all they have left or are they looking at obstruction as maybe a way to work out a deal later and say, okay, we'll drop the obstruction if you do X, Y, or Z? So I think it really could be either way. This could show they got nothing else so they're trying to get whatever they can on him, or they want to get a small thing so they can get him to cop to the bigger things. You know, that's a mystery that’s only gonna be unfolding.
Okay. And out there working also is the pay to play story. Tell me about it.
There's so many different parts of this. You also have, you know, whether or not Matt Gaetz was involved in helping some of his good buddies in the medical marijuana industry as he was, you know, lobbying to get legislation passed, taking money. There's so many pieces. I'm sorry, it's so hard to keep track of everything here. But I think the big one is not even the obstruction. The big one is going to be if they, if they pin him traveling out of, across state lines.
Yeah. Here's.
Paying for sex.

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