Newsmax Host Mocks Fox Reporter Over ‘Bombshell’ Report That Fizzled Out

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Published on 17 Jun 2021, 16:00
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The local Fox reporter who announced live on the air that she had spoken with Project Veritas about exposing her bosses was invited on Newsmax to explain what happened, but the host also wanted to know why she essentially ruined her career over such a nothing issue. The reporter has been fired by the network, but don't expect her career in media to be done with - she'll thrive in the right wing echo chamber, as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains.

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Even Newsmax couldn't resist kind of wondering what the heck the former Fox local reporter named Ivory Hecker was thinking, when she announced on the air that she had been secretly recording all of her bosses and had turned the material over to Project Veritas. Yesterday, Newsmax actually had Ivory Hecker on their program to explain what happened and talk about the bombshell story that she was totally certain was coming out the following day, that never actually happened. Well, it happened technically, but nobody gave a crap because the story was so stupid. So here is Newsmax, I mean, pretty much mocking her for destroying her own career for literally no reason. Take a look at how Newsmax handled it.

Let me ask you just a conversation between both of us here. Um, you not only worked, you worked at mid-major markets, Houston's a top 10. I mean, it's a major market. Uh, you've worked in Minneapolis, huge market. Lexington, Columbia, a journalism degree from Syracuse. Um, and it seemed, the daily beast put out this headline, wait, this is why a local Fox reporter sabotaged her career. Womp womp. Some in the media feel like it was somewhat of a let down, that it wasn't the bombshell report that it was alleged. Do you agree to that? How do you respond to that? Because essentially, correct me if I'm wrong, for you to get back into news, any other news organizations, that may be a tough road for you?

I don't want to work for another news corporation. After what I experienced with Fox, it's really put a bad taste in my mouth, but.

So I love how he's going through and he's like, you know, you've been on this massive market. You've been in this one, you've got a great degree from a great school and you basically just flushed your entire career down the toilet. And, could you, could you tell us why maybe, I don't know. Then I love how she's like, well I have no, I have no desire to go back to corporate media. Yeah. Corporate media has no desire to have you back. But here's the thing, folks. Yes, she was in fact fired for this, which I mean, come on. If you're secretly recording your bosses and it's not an actual whistleblower type situation, it's just because they won't let you push crazy conspiracy theories, then yes, you're going to be fired for that. You're not a whistleblower. You're a little bit nutty. Here's the thing, Ms Hecker is not going anywhere. You know, she may have lost her job, but I guarantee you, she will have a new one very quickly as a right wing personality, pushing these idiotic conspiracy theories.

You know, maybe she should reach out to the blaze or to info wars and see if they're hiring because she is exactly the kind of person that they would put on the air. And she'll find a home somewhere, clearly not Newsmax, which to be honest, that would have been my first guess about where she would go. I really, really thought Newsmax was going to be her destination. But even they're like, yeah, um, this was pretty dumb. The story was a big giant nothing burger. So happy trails partner. Can't really do much for you. So yeah, I don't think she's gonna land at Newsmax. Certainly not going to land at Fox news, maybe One America. But now I think, I think strictly online is probably where Ms Hecker is going to go.