Republicans Attack Joe Biden For Meeting With Putin

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Published on 17 Jun 2021, 17:00
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In a reversal from just a few months ago, Republicans are now the ones attacking the President for meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The RNC attacked Biden by saying that even agreeing to meet with him is a win for Putin. Past and current presidents have all met with Putin, and they've each met with leaders that we don't like, but these ridiculous attacks are just starting to look more and more pathetic. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Joe Biden finally met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin yesterday, and wow, everybody's off about that. By the way, the people most off about Joe Biden meeting with Vladimir Putin are the Republicans who believe that a sitting US president shouldn't meet with Putin. Now I'm sure we all understand the irony of that, right? They louted Donald Trump when he met with Vladimir Putin, of course they attacked Barack Obama when he met with Vladimir Putin. But Putin is a leader of a very, very powerful country. Yes, Republican Democrat, the person's going to meet with him. Okay. We understand who Putin is. We know what he does to his own people. He is not a friendly guy. Okay. He's not even a good person or a good leader. He is a dangerous individual. But the leader of the United States is going to meet with them regardless of whether or not it wins them political points. But the Republicans and their complete lack of irony after louting Trump from meeting with Putin and then attacking Biden for doing literally the exact same thing also, by the way, with no reporters, because they couldn't agree.

It's, it said before the meeting, they couldn't agree, all the Russian reporters and the US reporters. Remember when Trump met with Putin and they didn't allow reporters. And oh my God, everybody on that neo liberal left, like started freaking out. Like we know it! They're making a deal. And Biden did the same thing. Where are you at on that guys? All I'm trying to do right here is just point out the ridiculous hypocrisy coming from quite literally every side about meeting with Putin. As I mentioned, do I think Putin's a good person? No. Is he a good leader? No. Does he kill his own people? Yes. Is he a dangerous individual? Yes. Should he be the leader of Russia? No. Okay. I, you don't have to be, those, those aren't extreme positions to take, by the way, that's common sense. The man is exceptionally dangerous. But he also runs a country that is, you know, basically on par with the United States in terms of nuclear capabilities. We kind of have to play it nice around them.

Putin for his part seemed happy with the discussions with Joe Biden. Joe Biden seemed happy with all of that. We'll see what comes of it. But the hypocrisy of it all is what just drives me insane because liberals are now cheering like, yay. He met with Putin and he didn't bow down to him. That's how you do it. And Republicans, the RNC through a spokesperson, came out and said this, giving Putin a meeting is just the latest win that Joe Biden has handed Russia. She then attacked him for quote, foreign policy failures that have strengthened Russia at the expense of our country. My God, are we just going to go back and forth? Like every four or eight years on the McCarthyism here coming from one party or the other, you know, when a Democrats in charge it's like, ah, cool. We're kicking. We're doing these great things. But then when it's a Republican, like, oh no, it's the red scare all over again. And vice versa for the other parties. Folks, this is ridiculous.

We need to get past this and we have to do it in a mature and responsible way as well. Okay.