Indiana Residents Sue Republican Government For Cutting Off Additional Unemployment Payments

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Published on 17 Jun 2021, 19:00
Residents in the state of Indiana are fighting back against their Republican leaders, and they filed a lawsuit this week against the state for violating a state law that requires the state to obtain all of the available federal funds for the benefit of their citizens. Since the state voluntarily opted out of the additional unemployment benefit payments, they are not obtaining all available funds, and therefore the residents want the decision reversed. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

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Jobless residents in the state of Indiana are fighting back against their Republican controlled state for their recent decision to cut back unemployment benefits. Specifically, they're opting out of the federal program that provided the additional $300 a week in unemployment payments. And the residents are furious. They want those payments back. So they, this week, sued the state government for taking away those payments. Now you may ask yourselves, okay, but what law did they actually violate by taking these away? I am so glad you asked because these Indiana residents are smart and they found out that there is actually a law on the books in Indiana that says that the state has to accept any and all available federal funds if those funds are for the benefit of the residents, meaning their decision to refuse the additional unemployment payments, by their own laws, is illegal.

You can't do that because that was money provided to you for free from the federal government, for the benefit of the people. So at this point, really, there's only two possible outcomes. One, either these residents win and they get their unemployment benefits back until they expire at the federal level or two, that specific law has to get struck down, which I don't even know that you can do it with this particular lawsuit. This is a pretty airtight case here. It's a beautiful case and I love it. And here's the reason why. Not because I love putting Republicans in their place, although I do, what I love about this is the fact that these people fought back. They didn't just sit there and take it. They understood the importance of these unemployment benefits. They also know, I'm assuming, what the rest of us know, and that is that cutting off these unemployment benefits are going to cost economies billions of dollars at the state level.

These Republican governors and again, we talked about this in a video weeks ago, these Republican governors cutting off these extended unemployment benefits collectively are going to cost their states $10 billion. They're ruining their own economies just to force people to go back to work so they can appease their corporate masters. That's what's happening at the state level here. So I'm glad to see these residents fighting back. Hopefully more states, more people are going to be able to fight back. Again, it all comes down to finding the right law to use, to be able to sue. Indiana, you know, that one was pretty cut and dry, it may not be the case in other states. But find out what you can fight back any way you can, not just because your livelihood depends on it, but your state economies livelihood may depend on it as well.