Elderly Couple Films Themselves Harassing Children For Wearing Face Masks

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Published on 18 Jun 2021, 17:00
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An older couple decided that it would be a good idea to film themselves harassing a group  of young children who were waiting outside a shopping area and wearing face masks. The elderly man in the video demands that the children "take it off" while the woman continuously mocks them, even though the children show far more class and intelligence than the two older individuals have exhibited throughout their entire lives. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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A video emerged on social media yesterday, apparently showing an elderly man and what may be his wife, his daughter, whoever it is, his friend, but either way, these two older individuals were harassing a group of children for wearing masks while waiting outside what appeared to be a shopping center in Southeast Pennsylvania. Take a look at the video. This, this is absolutely disgusting the way these two individuals behaved. Take a look at this.

What are you doing out here? Look at idiots, face masks on. What are doiing out here? Why you wearing a mask? Where's your parents at? They have you out here masked. You don't need to wear them, you know that? Why you weren't it? Why the hell are you wearing a mask out? Where's your mom and dad? CDC said we could die if we didn't. What? CDC said we could die if we didn't. CDC says you're going to die? Yeah. How come you ain't dead yet? How come you're not dead? Take it off.

Take it off. What you, weren't a mask for? How come you ain't dead yet? And honestly, that's the kind of, you know, way of thinking that we expect down here in the South. Maybe not necessarily from Southeast Pennsylvania, especially with that accent. But these two individuals are. Absolutely horrible scum of the earth, walking pieces of excrement, those two individuals, who felt the need to record themselves. And in case you don't remember, we explained in a video a couple of months ago, why they're doing that? And the answer is because Tucker Carlson told them to. Remember a couple months ago when Tucker Carlson explicitly told his audience that if they see children outdoors wearing masks, they need to confront them. They need to ask where their parents are. They may even need to call child protective services because children are wearing masks outdoors. Tucker Carlson gave these morons their marching orders and these two idiots did exactly what he told them to do.

This was harassment from these individuals. And, you know, I got to say, I got to give those kids all the credit in the world. And one of them looked to be, you know, more late teens than, than kids. But anyway, they showed more class, more dignity and more intelligence than that older couple has probably exhibited throughout their entire lives. What does it matter to you if somebody else is wearing a mask? That doesn't affect you in any way. I mean, my God Republicans are the biggest snowflakes in this country. While at the same time, trying to claim that liberals are. There is no bigger group of crybabies on this planet than American Republicans. Y'all are the whiniest, stupidest group of human beings I've ever seen. And that's the God's honest truth and it's fully exemplified in that video we just showed you. Y'all are pathetic. You're disgusting. You're bullies. But you only pick on people that you think you have a chance of, you know, beating in an argument like a group of children, but they still, by not interacting with you and getting drawn onto your level, those kids won. And now you guys look like the idiots that you are.