Trump Has Turned Republicans Into Complete Morons

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Published on 18 Jun 2021, 20:00
The Republican Party could be cruising to a string of easy victories in the 2022 midterms right now, but their allegiance to Trump and his supporters are causing them to trip over themselves at every turn. And this week the Party screwed themselves over again by not standing united to honor the Capitol Police who helped protect Congress during the insurrection. These are easy wins that Republicans keep losing, and Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why that keeps happening.

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Right now the Republican party should be cruising to a pretty easy 2022 midterm victory. But instead, every step of the way, the Republican party has tripped over their own feet because they have become a complete gaggle of morons. And here's the thing. The wounds that the Republican party has suffered so far this year are all self-inflicted and it's all self-inflicted due to the stupidity that has captured that party and a lot of that has to do with Donald Trump's influence. Most of it's tribalism, don't get me wrong, tribalism is playing a huge role in the collective stupidity of these Republican lawmakers, but that tribalism stupidity is all tied back into Donald Trump as well. Here's what I mean. This week Republicans were given a slam dunk. Okay. All you had to do was vote in favor of honoring the Capitol police officers who protected you during the January 6th riot, insurrection, whatever you want to call it, all you gotta do is vote in favor of, yeah. Okay. We're good. Give these people medals. That's it. That's all you had to do.

But 21 Republicans, 21 Republicans who almost all of them have been on record saying blue lives matter, like, you couldn't even do that. So now, instead of getting a win on this, instead of getting to say, look, we stand with police officers all the time. You've now created a rift in what might be a big portion of your base because you were too stupid to understand the value of that vote. It was purely symbolic and you fell for a trap here because you were trying to appease Donald Trump because he liked the insurrection. So of course you can't support the people who stopped it. That's how stupid the Republican party has become today. They can't even honor the people who they go on Twitter and talk about how great they are, because it may offend Donald Trump. They're stupid for Trump. They are absolutely stupid for Trump. Another great example we've seen this year is all the Republicans and I mean, literally every single Republican, House and Senate, voting against the stimulus package, the one that sent out the $1,400 checks to everybody.

Every single Republican in Washington, DC voted against that, after supporting all of the ones during the Trump years. But suddenly obviously, because this one's Biden, eh, can't vote for it. The public wanted it, even a majority of Republicans wanted this piece of legislation. They wouldn't do it. They wouldn't do it. It's a self-inflicted wound. It's a stupid move because you knew this thing was going to pass anyway. So you're not going to get any points for political grand standing. Instead, you're going to get attack ads saying you didn't want to help your own constituents in the middle of a pandemic. Again, historically, statistically, the Republican party should have been cruising for easy victories in 2022, but they're so stupid due to their loyalty to Trump and their tribalism that makes them hate everything from the Democrats, they're killing themselves and they're ruining any chances of victory that they may have. And to be honest, I'm loving every second of it, because that is exactly what the Republican party deserves.