Democrats Can't Hope To Win If Their Own Party Keeps Blocking Their Agenda

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Published on 19 Jun 2021, 18:00
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said recently that the Democratic Party needs to "address the elephant in the room," and that elephant is the fact that members of the Democratic Party are blocking their own Party's agenda. She's right, of course, as Democrats are having a hard enough time trying to get legislation passed without any Republican support, but the evenly-split Senate makes it impossible to move forward if even a single Democrat isn't on board. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Over this past weekend representative Alexandra Ocasio Cortez said that the Democratic party has to finally address the elephant in the room. And the elephant in the room of course, is the fact that we have members of our Democratic party serving in the United States, Senate, namely Joe Manchin, but also Kyrsten Sinema, who refuse to support the Democratic party's agenda. And when you have a Senate that is 50 50, even split, and you have a United front coming from the Republican party, who as Mitch McConnell said on camera, his only goal is to stop Joe Biden's agenda and the party is United behind him. So if you do not have 100% of the Democratic support in that Senate body, nothing can get done. Nothing. Not one single thing can get done.

And yes, in recent instances, Joe Manchin is the individual that has been holding up the entire Democratic parties agenda. Now, how do we address this? I have stated in past videos that my belief is the Democratic party should kick Joe Manchin out. And yes, that comes at the expense of the United States Senate. We already don't have the Senate as long as we have Joe Manchin and given Joe Manchin's history of basically being a contrarian, going against his own party, forcing him out of the Democratic party might be the only way we get him to actually vote for us. But more importantly, in two years, actually in 18 months, I guess, we have midterm elections. Democrats have to defend, excuse me, 14 seats. Republicans have to defend 20.

5 of those, have a Republican who is retiring. So you have five races that are up for grabs. A new Republican that nobody knows of. Those are ones Democrats could fairly easily take, you know, varies from state to state, obviously. But Republicans have more to defend than the Democrats do. They have more at stake, they have more to lose. Therefore, the Democrats could get that majority back in 2022 effectively rendering Joe Manchin useless. So why not cut bait now? Why not go ahead and address the elephant in the room by getting the elephant out of the room. Joe Manchin is going to continue to obstruct the Democrat, his own party's agenda.

To the point where they have no chance of winning in 2022. So the best thing to do when you have a cancer is to get rid of the cancer. Don't sit there and try to make the cancer more comfortable. Don't sit there and say, okay, cancer well, if we allow you to spread a little bit, will you then not kill us? Because that's not how cancers work. Cancers only care about the cancer. And I am afraid that is what Joe Manchin has become. He is a cancer on the Democratic party and the only way to move forward is to cut it out of the party.