No Climate, No Deal | Episode 295 (June 18, 2021)

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Published on 20 Jun 2021, 18:59
Infrastructure talks have stalled for months as the Biden Administration tries to strike a deal with Republicans and right-wing Democrats; however, when a Biden advisor suggested climate-related components of the infrastructure bill may be on the chopping block to appease Republicans—that’s when progressive lawmakers sent a clear message to the Biden administration: no climate, no deal. We’ll talk about progressives finally drawing a line in the sand; and we’ll also discuss Mitch McConnell’s plan to steal another Supreme Court seat, Reality Winner’s release, Marjorie Greene’s apology, and more. Enjoy!

Student Debt Relief Offered to Survivors of Terrorism:
Biden Could Easily Cancel Student Debt:
Reality Winner to Be Released From Prison:
Israel’s New Prime Minister May Be Worse Than Netanyahu:
Progressives Put Their Feet Down on Infrastructure:
Schumer & Pelosi Urge Progressives to Not Attack Manchin:
Morning Consult Poll Exposes Right-Wing Tribalism:
Biden Backs 2002 AUMF Repeal:
Charlie Kirk Compares Weed to Slavery:

0:00 Introduction, Shoutouts, Episode Preview
1:50 Progressive Lawmakers Finally Flex Their Muscles
15:20 Right-Wingers Makes Fools of Themselves on Flag Day
25:23 Israel Breaks Ceasefire
31:24 Mitch McConnell Ready to Steal Another SCOTUS Seat
38:32 Marco Rubio’s Student Debt Cancellation Plan is Dumb
45:20 Marjorie Greene Apologizes
53:29 Reality Winner Released From Prison
57:36 Hillary Tries to Stop Nina Turner
1:02:42 Dem Leadership Wants Leftists to Go Easy on Manchin
1:09:57 Biden Supports Repeal of AUMF
1:15:11 GOP’s Anti-Ilhan Bias Highlights in Poll
1:24:06 Charlie Kirk’s Bizarre Anti-Weed Take
1:29:32 ICE Tries to Celebrate Pride
1:34:13 Outro

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