Jim Jordan Is Furious The DOJ Wouldn't Investigate Claim That Italian Space Lasers Changed Votes

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Published on 20 Jun 2021, 19:00
Republican Representative Jim Jordan was furious during a House hearing this week when he unloaded on the Department of Justice for not taking former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadow's claims of voter fraud seriously. For those who don't remember, Meadows told the DOJ they thought that Italians were using satellites to change votes in the United States, so it isn't surprising that the DOJ didn't launch an investigation. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Republican representative, Jim Jordan, is furious about the fact that the United States department of justice is not taking claims of voter fraud seriously, or at least they didn't earlier this year when former Trump chief of staff, Mark Meadows, reached out to them and said, hey, I've got some, uh, intel here that tells us that we may have some Italian space lasers changing votes via satellite. Would you guys care to look into this for me? And the DOJ promptly laughed it off. But here's what Mr. Jim Jordan said during a congressional hearing this week where he just had to let his anger fly. That is a problem when the chief of staff to the president of the United States asks someone in the executive branch to do something and they basically give them the finger. I think that's the problem we should be looking into. Really?

Like he, he, he literally said the Italians, the Italians of all people, were changing votes via satellite. Above the law actually did a good job of explaining where in the hell this crazy conspiracy even came from. Here it is. It involves Barack Obama amassing a secret $400 million war chest, then cahooting with former Italian prime ministers, Giuseppe Conte, to disrupt vote tabulation in key swing states using Italian military satellites. And somehow this was all coordinated at the US embassy in Rome and this is according to Brad Johnson, a self-described retired CIA station chief and current epic times columnist. So yeah, it's coming from a bunch of wackadoos with wackadoo conspiracy theories like, oh, Obama's doing that. Obama didn't give a crap. Obama didn't give a crap what happened after he left office. Let's get that real clear real quick. In fact, most presidents don't give a what happens to the United States once they leave office.

But either way. Yeah, I'm sorry, Jim, that they decided to not look into the crazy Italian space laser story. But, you know, you can't win them all, right? Not to mention the fact as above the law points out, the executive branch is not supposed to be able to just straight up call up the DOJ and say, hey, go investigate this for us. That's not how it works. There's supposed to be a firewall between the two, because you cannot have the executive branch interfering in the work being done by the department of justice. So Jim Jordan, not only are you a little nutty for trying to say the DOJ should have investigated the Italian space laser story, but you also don't understand how the government works, even though you're a government employee in believing that the DOJ should blindly do every single thing that the oval office tells them to do.