Donald Trump Has Driven The Republican Party Insane

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Published on 22 Jun 2021, 19:00
Donald Trump is not the cause of most of the Republican Party's problems, but he is certainly the one who managed to drive the Party over the cliff into full blown insanity. A new poll shows that nearly a third of Republican voters believe that Trump will be reinstated as President this year, something that isn't even possible under U.S. law. This kind of shared psychosis shows that the Party has lost its collective mind and likely can't be reformed or saved in any way. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Over the years, a lot of people have accused Donald Trump of being the cause of all the problems in the Republican party. Trump is not the cause of these problems within the Republican party. He's merely a symptom of what the Republican party had become. And unfortunately, this symptom was left untreated. It was allowed to spread throughout the body of the Republican party. And it has now infected the brain, causing some kind of delusional psychosis to manifest it, itself within the Republican party and here's what I mean. Earlier this week, we got a new poll out that shows that 29% of Republicans actually believe that Donald Trump could be reinstated as president by the end of this year, 29% say, yep, that's totally a thing that we think is going to happen.

So you have almost a third of the Republican party that says, yeah, we're buying into this ridiculous conspiracy theory and we also totally think that this is even allowed under US law. Granted again, 61% do not believe this is a thing that's going to happen, so good for the 61%. But, even having just 61% of your party say, no, we don't believe in the fantasy, that's, that's still not good enough. I mean, really let's be honest, that's not good enough. Especially when you have the 10% who say they don't know. So really it's not just 29%, it's kind of like 39% who think that it may be possible for Donald Trump to come back to office. But again, this is a shared psychosis within the Republican party. They have done this to themselves. They have made themselves crazy chasing Donald Trump. As he pushes them further into his delusions, they gladly go there. And I don't think we can even go forward as a country with this.

You know, I certainly know the Republican party cannot survive living in their fantasy land. But this is pure delusion being shared by these Republican voters and that is absolutely coming from Donald Trump. To make It perfectly clear, there is no mechanism anywhere in United States law that allows for a former president to be reinstated. We don't even have any mechanisms to decertify the results of the electoral college if they did find fraud, which they haven't found fraud and if they did, they'd be waving it in front of our faces right now. They're not because it doesn't exist. None of this matters. Trump can't be president again, unless of course he wins an election and odds of that, considering the fact that he lost the popular vote in two different elections, are slim to none. I hope I cleared things up for Republicans. But, I know that's probably not enough to undo any of the shared psychosis that you're all suffering from because of Donald Trump.