Get That Job: Mass. Gets Ready For A Biomanufacturing Boom

Published on 22 Jun 2021, 23:12
The pandemic put a spotlight on just how critical developing and manufacturing medicines and vaccines are and helped spur a record-setting flow of investment money into Massachusetts, according to the industry group MassBio. And now, there’s demand for new factories to make those medicines — and the workforce to go with them not all with advanced degrees. Programs like the Gloucester Biotechnology Academy that offer certificate courses to train high school graduates for entry level jobs say there aren’t enough slots to meet the interest from prospective students and the need from companies.

Liz Neisloss takes a look at the need for entry level jobs in biotechnology and biomanufacturing, and drops in on Chelsea, Mass - a city that wants to draw more biotech companies like Catalent Pharmaceutical that has a manufacturing facility there. Many municipalities in the state hope to draw biomanufacturing companies but Chelsea aims to provide jobs for its residents, many who enter the workforce with only high school degrees.

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